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Samsung Aura: Glossy, black laptops

Samsung Aura

Samsung presented their black MacBook-rivaling line of laptops dubbed Aura Edition at CeBIT 2007 – and I want one of ’em. Now.

Except the stylish appearance (which is ultra durable according to Samsung) you can choose between the 12.1″, 14.1″ and 15.4″ Super Bright Gloss LCD-widescreen models (the 15.4″ screen can handle 1680×1050, the others 1280×800) which all feature Intel Core 2 Duo processors.

Other than that you get up to 2GB RAM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3 USB-slots, PCI Express + MicroSD + 6-in-1-multicard slotsand they weigh from 1.86 Kg to 2.74 Kg.

Read more at Samsung’s CeBIT 2007 micro-site

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