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Ricoh CX1

Instead of just joining the megapixel wars Ricoh just announced the CX1, a compact and robust digital camera offering quite a set of nice features while just having 9 megapixels.

So, you’re getting a 1/2.3″ type CMOS sensor with a 7.1x optical zoom lens, a hi-speed 120 frames(!) per second fast shot mode (limited to VGA though) and a mode called Dynamic Range Double Shot Mode allowing you to take two shots at different exposures which are then blended together. Other than that you can have it take up to seven shots with different focus, allowing you to pick the best one later.

The CX1 will be in stores from March 13th with a £300 price tag (about $430). CX1 Product Page

(Via Wired, Crunchgear, )

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