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Retro Flip Down Desk Clock

Retro Flip Down Desk Clock

Here’s the Retro Flip Down Clock. An internal gear-operated 12-hour AM/PM shiny metal desk clock that’ll make sure you get that retro, airport feeling every time it switches minutes or hours.

Chinavasion: Retro Flip Down Clock ($34.00)

Retro Flip Down Clock

(Via Newlaunches)

Posted by TG December 5th 2007 | 3 comments » | Permalink

  • Nitz

    I wonder if it makes any noise.. Could make my colleagues a bit annoyed. :)

  • parn

    It has to make noise. It has to have that ‘click’ sound everytime it flips. That’s 70 percent of the effect. And if there was a way to have it skim through different time zones throughout the day or whenever you wanted, then it would truly have that ‘airport’ feel.

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