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Reef’s Dram Sandals can hold 6 ounces of liquor

Reef Dram Sandals

I’m glad there’s companies like Reef who thinks outside the box (they did give us the inbuilt bottle-opener-sandal not long ago). To a lot of us summer equals (among other things) sandals and liquor in a glorious combination. A sandal capable of holding 3 ounces of liquor in each heel must therefore be the ultimate choice of footwear this summer, right? (Yeah, I could write “fluid” here but who’s gonna walk around with 6 ounces of warm soda in his shoes, really?)

Make sure you fill it with something strong though, wouldn’t want the contents to taste like sweaty feet. 2597 Dram Sandal ($45)

(Via Acquiremag)

Posted by TG March 22nd 2007 | 7 comments » | Permalink

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