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Hilarious, old Apple commercial

This old Apple commercial is just hilarious. The guy in the suit tries to exucute commands in DOS on his old portable draggable PC and goes ‘I speak seven languages but I can’t understand this’. The girl on the other hand – using an early Apple laptop of impressive size – does her airport business computing like it ain’t no thing using the (even then) graphical interface. Check out the video below.

(Via Geek Sugar)

Posted by TG March 11th 2007 | 53 comments » | Permalink

  • conjuror

    she’s smokin hot

  • More like this at statixmx.com

  • Ah, the good old days of computers that were heavier than your suitcase, and laptops that stayed on for no longer than 20 minutes.

  • Tom Farrell

    That’s not hilarious, that’s what computer science is all about: creating software that empowers people to do their work, instead of making them work at fighting with the computer.

  • Alex

    No. It’s hilarious.

  • Aaron

    @Tom Farrel.
    No. Human-computer-interaction (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human-computer_interaction) is what you’re thinking about.

  • UglyShirts

    Of course she knows nothing about computers. That’s why she’s using a Mac.

  • ArsenalFX

    Is this commercial making fun of MAC users? the MAC user in this advertisement says it herself, that she does not know anything about computers. The PC guy actually knows about computers and knows 7 languages (right). Just because Microsoft was just starting to get solid, does not mean the PC suck.

    Basically what the advertisement says is that, if you use a MAC, you don’t know anything.

  • I love how the PC commenters can’t figure out the meaning of the ad … Oh, and yes, she’s really cute…


    you are idiots, its not making fun of anyone, its simply stating that macs are easy to use, if you think it implies that mac users are stupid then you are retarded, mac and windows users are likely equally intelligent.

    the ad just brands macs as intuitive.

    now creativity may be a different argument, but are we talking artistic or technical creativity, or both.

    read what you want to into advertising, people are different and respond to concepts differently. who are they targeting you must ask…

  • Adam Selene

    If you remember those days; price was a much much bigger decision factor than it is now. I recall we couldn’t afford a Macintosh. Did I use a PC? No, an Apple IIe clone.

  • BunkyTim

    It’s saying that you don’t need to be a computer geek to use a Mac. It just works.

  • Look at the size of that thing!

  • Wow

    Time period is key.
    It’s not making fun of anyone.
    It’s advertising.
    Everyone is an idiot.

  • Tom

    It means that you don’t need to know how to use a Mac in order to be able to one, but you do need to know how to use a PC in order to use one, I am a mac user who could probably run circles around most PC users as I’ve used them for years but now I’ve switched because I’ve had it with the absolutely rubbish operating system which Microsoft sells.

  • Fuck y’all!!!!

    I use telepathy muthafuckaz!

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  • Wapawo

    If you compare platforms, Mac is like a Bic lighter, and PCs are like Zippos. You are discouraged from tinkering with a Bic, you can’t open it up or replace the fuel, or any part that wears out. When that happens, you throw it out and get a whole new one. I know that’s an oversimplification, but Apple’s business model relies on people who can’t fix or maintain their equipment, and just want to throw lots of money at any problem with the machine. Please save us Mr. Jobs! Make it “just work”!!

    With a Zippo, you need to replace the flints, fill the fluid, polish the nickel plate, and maybe oil the striker wheel once in awhile. Sometimes it doesn’t light on the first strike. You curse it, and the guy who made it, but ultimately you have to blame yourself if it gets messed up. But a with little maintenance, it’s the best lighter you can get.

    But that analogy doesn’t hold up on price, Macs are much more expensive, like Zippos.

  • MacSwitcher

    Gone are the days where Mac users were treated like AOL users. Macs are sophisticated lil’ bitches that runs on UNIX. It doesn’t get more technical than that. But despite all the hardcore UNIX stuff under the hood.. It just works!.. Even for someone who “doesn’t know anything about computers.”

  • Apple’s ads were always targeted at M$. It’s the only way they know to do business.

  • @Wapawo,

    What you say just makes clear how little you know about computers and the evolution of the MacOS.

    The fact is, back in the day of Windows 3, Windows was hackable – there were lot of text files for configuring everything while MacOS (or System) was like a magic box that worked as long as you didn’t fiddle with it too much. If you broke it, you popped in the install floppies and started over.

    These days, because OSX is Unix in its core, it is very fixable and hackable. I only reboot my Unix boxes (and that includes the Mac) when I need to mess with the power cales.

    On the other hand, Windows became the magic box that sort of works unless it doesn’t want to (I admit they became more cooperative with time) but still they are utterly unfixable. If something messes up bad with your registry (say, adding keys everywhere) you are just as screwed you were in the System 2 days.

    Except that computers were sort of stateless at that time – most had no HD and booted from floppies.

  • Ah, Mac. Dump apple. Why? most computers are PCs, with macs in now there fucking up compatibility. I have to change a freaking word document three diffrent times into diffrent format then i can open it on a mac in a microsoft word proccesor. And with a windows registry, google “CCleaner” and run that, now your reg is free and clean.

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  • jon

    That’s fucking stupid!
    USA! USA!

  • mandatory

    simply macs always been more user friendly and works (mostly).

  • Hahahaha

    You’re all missing the point. The point is, obviously, that mac users don’t know anything about computers. LMAO.

  • benonymous

    Macs sacrifice functionality for ease of use… so much so that they don’t actually DO a lot of what you’d want to do with a computer. Making them suck. Just like ipods as opposed to competing portable media players.

  • Jerry

    It’s obvious from some of the posts here that you are a bunch of Mac bashing PC users that have never actually used a Mac. I was a big PC advocate who knows his way around Windows and PCs better than 95% of users. My office accidentally ordered an extra Mac for our production group and I ended up with it on my desk.

    3 months later and I had rid my house of all six of my PCs and replaced them with a Mac running OS X. I still use PCs at work but only for some of our corporate software that requires a PC. OS X is a much cleaner, stable and user friendly OS while being flexible at the same time. You can drop to UNIX command line and tweak to your heart’s desire. There is nothing I have needed to do on my Mac that there isn’t great software to do, much of it superior to the similar PC software.

    Try using a Mac before you bash. Otherwise, you just show your ignorance.

  • AGuyWhoUsesBoth

    I want to ask a question of everyone who has been trashing on Macs. Why? I don’t get it, why is the use of a Mac all of a sudden a social taboo? I’ve used both for many years, being born and raised on Macs, as well as using PC’s all through school, I’ve come to know both quite well, and they both have their strengths.

    Macs are very user-friendly, immune to viruses, and take very little work to do what you want. Installing a piece of software is uniform, OSX has a built in installer that installs premade packages, rather than each program having it’s own “setup.exe”. However, it’s not compatible with most software, unless you find a special version. Blame the software companies for not making it compatible. And now, there’s multiple ways to get around that issue. All the new Macs can use both Windows XP and Vista, using either a direct boot or using windowed mode to get both at once. Even more impressive, is CrossOver, a up and coming app that allows Mac OS X to interpret exe’s and the like without even having Windows installed.

    PC’s, on the other hand, their strength lies in versatility. They can be upgraded with almost no consideration to compatibility, often reducing to “if it fits, it works”. Also, Windows-based machines will accept abused hardware more readily than a Mac. For instance, RAM that failed in a G4 of mine worked like a charm in a PC. But I can’t stand Windows, that’s the only problem. The endless threats of viruses, the unexplained problems, dll-hell, etc. OS X is so much cleaner and has less loose threads. Besides, Take the last three Windows OS’s. Windows ME, total flop, end of story. Windows XO, great improvement over ME, but I still hear a lot of people sticking with 98 and 2000. And Vista. Nice effort, big improvement over XP, but still behind the times. Ooh, Flip3D. It’s a new finish on an old product. I respect Windows’ strengths… when I see them.

  • Tim

    Ha! I love how even a 45s commercial that’s 20 years old can spark a platform flamewar in some random blog’s comment section.


  • I’ve used PC’s for years. I recently bought a Macbook. I took the risk because I knew, if all else failed, I could run Windows on it. I’ve never looked back. The OS X platform is tremendous, and the way that applications can work together is unbeatable.

  • ReuS

    well this show for who are the rotten apples..

  • Blah

    Macs are for stupid people who will believe you when you tell them hardware is better, that’s why Apple dumped RISC and went to Intel…
    Windows is also for stupid people.

  • Brian

    ive switched 2 applez cuz mah pee sea dont seem to work when i turn it on. all i see is a blank screen, maybe i needs more of them magahurtz?

  • TiredOfMacUsers


    Reasons Mac users bother everyone else:

    The commercials
    The attitude
    Steve Jobs
    Paying far more for far less and constantly trying to justify that decision

    If you guys kept quiet rather than trying to constantly evangelize the platform then we’d shut up too.

  • Jared

    Oh, and Macs aren’t “immune to viruses.” In fact, right about when Apple started releasing the “I’m a PC, I’m a Mac” commercials, there was a HUGE spike in virii created specifically for Macs, as if the computer underground went “Oh yeah? Was that a challenge?”

  • casey

    OK, that is two comments now where I’ve heard people say that “Macs are more expensive”. It just isn’t true. It was true back in the days before Jobs took the helm (again), but it simply isn’t true anymore. Go and check yourself with some other comparable off-the-shelf PC maker (like Dell). Since Macs are based on Intel chips the comparison is simple. You’ll see that Macs now consistently come out about 5% lower than Dells, IBMs, and others with identical specs.

    Of course, the bottom-line offerings of Macs are spec.’ed out like the mid-line models of most of the other manufacturers. So for those who are oblivious, it still may make the impression that “Macs are more expensive” but again it isn’t true. It is like comparing a Kia to a Mercedes. If you make your comparison part-for-part, the Mercedes will come out the better value. The entire line of offerings by Ford average lower in price, but also in quality.

    So, the bottom line is, if you want a non-shitty computer, it is going to cost you, no matter whether it comes from Apple or Dell or IBM, (but it will be a little cheaper from Apple). If you want a shitty computer, for not alot of money, go with Compaq or something, but at least install *nix.

  • casey

    oops, switched my analogies mid-paragraph. Should have read “The entire line of offerings by Kia average lower in price, but also in quality”

    I was originally thinking about Ford cars, but I switched from Ford to Kia cuz Ford makes some bitchin’ trucks.

  • I’m always amused at how PC users misunderstand the whole “ease of use” thing.

    If you’re an MBA, your business is finances. If you’re an engineer, your business is building things. If you’re an architect, your business is designing buildings.

    If your a computer-engineer, your business is computers.

    3 of them are not interested in wasting most of their day being semi-bad computer engineers.

    If they’re on a Mac, chances are they’re more productive doing their JOBS because they’re not screwing around with their computers. “Waste a lot of time fixing things repetitively” is usually not in a job description unless you’re in computer or software design.

    Again: only 1 of them wants to spend the day screwing around with computers. That’s not their jobs. Only one is a computer-person. Get it?

  • Jerry

    Jared, you need to stop believing the crap that the anti-virus companies put out to try and sell their product. There are ZERO, nada, zip viruses in the wild on OS X. Not one! There have been a few developed in the lab that wouldn’t be a problem if released as they require direct access to the machine or a very specific set-up not found normally that would allow them to spread.

    I won’t tell you it’s not possible for a virus to appear on the Mac, there just aren’t any currently. Compare that to Windows…what was the estimate I read the other day? A Windows PC without Anti-virus software is infected in less than 5 minutes after connecting to the Internet? You really don’t want to start this battle. Windows just can’t win.

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  • aRI

    The advert was not making fun of mac users. It was pointing out that the macintosh at that time was an appliance for creating business documents while the PCs were computing devices that required you to have a great deal of technical expertise in order to operative them.

    The business woman was able to use the mac as a tool for getting her job done as a business woman without having to worry about technical issues.

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  • Swank!

    It just works.

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  • Andrew

    ok what the hell is every one arguing about its a stupid commercial from the 80’s who cares what it meant

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  • I love this commercial. This reminds me of Saved by the Bell when Zach uses his cell phone. So old school!

    • I love how the PC commenters can’t figure out the meaning of the ad.

  • well this show for who are the rotten apples:!

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