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Even more foldable paper monsters


Oh well, while I’m on the print-and-fold-your-own-monsters-roll I can just as well write about Readymech, a large collection of free paper monsters ranging from cute to eerie and weird for you to download, print and fold. All you need is double-sided tape, paper and about 10-15 minutes of folding time per monster.

More foldables:
Toypaper Monsters, TIE-Fighters and other movie spacecrafts, Speaker dogs and last (but not least) weird tin foil hats.

(Thanks CB)

Posted by TG April 18th 2007 | 3 comments » | Permalink

  • CB

    I created one, I need to get some better paper though!

    Here’s some Star Wars papercrafts:

  • Tobbe / Freshpilot

    How well did it turn out with ordinary paper? Does it look OK or is extra thick paper a must-have?

  • CB

    It looks ok with regular paper. Some of the bend points lost a little of their color for me, I don’t think that’d happen with matte paper. It would probably be a bit easier to put together with the thicker paper as it’d stay in place better.

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