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Porsche P’9521 Cell Phone

Porsche P9521 Cell Phone

Porsche seems to be designing just about anything these days (check out their LED desk lamp I wrote about the other day) and now they’ve presented their first cell phone, named P’9521. A bit more stylish than the Hummer HT1 if you ask me.

The phone is actually milled out of a solid block of aluminum and the AM-OLED screen is connected to the keypad with double hinges, allowing it to be rotated 180° and be used as a 3.2 megapixel still/video camera. Other than that it features a finger print reader for added security, three speakers for the MP3 player and EDGE connectivity.

The P’9521 will be available in Porsche Design Stores sometime this fall (except in the US, Japan and Korea).

Posted by TG June 7th 2007 | 7 comments » | Permalink

  • rezzo

    how much?

  • We have the P9521 at at inaugral price of

    US $ 1477
    Euro 1084

    please visit our website for more information.

  • tiff

    i think it is cool but wierd because it is 1477 $ and no has tht much money to spend on a phone and if they did they will buy something a lot cooler put more pics up so ppl can see wutthey r buyin i really cant tell all tht much what it even looks like??????

  • It is amazing to think that this has been manufactured by Sagem, thank gos Porsche got involved with the styling, I don’t think I have seen a Sagen phone that I actually like the look of yet, but this one is truely amazing.

  • Soe

    don’t b

  • Soe

    don’t buy that phone i bought from porshe shop for £800 pounds quite big not realible to use. everytime you turn on your phone you need to do all the settings like ringtone etc… there’s so. many thing are bad of course it’s build very good quilty on that price come guys. it’s waste of money. even LG viewty far much better. i am so regret about that. they are selling shit to the people who are stupid. guys we are not stupid shame on them. trust me guys you will be happy forever.

  • Adeuja

    well all i can say is the phone is deaf,its what am using now and believe me its just 2 sleek!

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