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Pimp Pusher LED Watches

Pimp Pusher Watches Range P1 P2 P3

There’ll be a new range of updated Pimp LED watches over at Tokyo Flash soon called Pusher, three models sporting an IP black polished case and a leather strap with a carbon fibre style coating.

“The Pimp ‘Pusher’ range introduces an all new look for the original 3 Pimp watches that started a whole fashion scene. The Pusher is more streetwise, black & leather, ideal for avoiding the narcs.”

All three models will cost €96.00 / $136.00 and they still feature Pimp Time, meaning it can animate the LED’s every 2 minutes between 6pm and 1am.

TokyoFlash: Pimp Pusher P1 (Multicolored)
TokyoFlash: Pimp Pusher P2 (Blue & White)
TokyoFlash: Pimp Pusher P3 (Black & White)

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