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Keyboard w/ integrated PC, Amiga style

Cybernet ZPC-945SL

Cybernet presented their all-in-one-PC ZPC-945SL at CeBIT 2007. A keyboard with.. well, a fully integrated PC, good ‘ol Amiga style.

The specs has changed since the Amiga days though, now you get a Intel Pentium 4-processor (up to 3.4GHz), 2GB RAM, 2.5" IDE hard drive, CD/DVD-drive, gigabit LAN, six USB ports, VGA / DVI, mini-PCI-slot and integrated speakers right beneath your fingertips.

No noisy floppy drive though, sorry.

(Since there’s no good pictures of the ZPC-945SL available yet you can find a couple of the slightly older model ZPC-9000 below.)

(Via Tech Digest)

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