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Optimus Maximus Keyboards sold out

Optimus Maximus

Art. Lebedev Studio’s Optimus Maximus Keyboard featuring tiny, configurable OLED-displays on every key (yeah, it’s back to every key now and in color and with support for animations in 10 FPS, see more pictures here) was first announced to cost about $300. After sensing the bitter taste of reality (and noticing the huge demand) they’ve upped the price to about $1600 and actually put up 200 of them for pre-order.

Those 200 are – of course – long gone, but there’ll be 400 more of them shipping in January next year. My guess is that there’s probably more than 400 eager early-adopters waiting in line, so don’t get your hopes up on getting one from the next batch either.

Interesting to see what one of the first 200 would make on eBay though.

Art. Lebedev Studios: Optimus Maximus Keyboard ($1570 US, €1250)

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