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Oh, another spy camera detecting pen

Good thing there’s paranoid consumers out there so products like iTeki’s Hidden Camera Wireless Signal Detection Pen reaches production. This pen utilizes “4th generation RF broad-band wireless detecting technology” (some sort of combination of RF and UV detection) to detect wireless signals transmitted from stuff like wireless spy cameras.

Besides having a tip that flashes whenever Wi-Fi transmissions are detected it has a UV light meant to be used to check for fake bills by verifying the water mark.

I wonder what kind of legal scenarios the designers thought these two functions would be useful in together. Personally I’d love to have one just to see if there’s a possible Wi-Fi network available or not. iTeki Hidden Camera Wireless Signal Detection Pen ($11.99)

(Via Red Ferret)

Posted by TG March 30th 2007 | Leave a comment » | Permalink

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