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No iPhone hype in the UK?

No iPhone hype in the UK?

The people over at the Dial-a-phone blog took a tour across London yesterday to check out the expected chaotic masses of iPhone craving customers just a couple of hours before the phone was due for launch at 6:02 pm.

Well, the crowds weren’t there. Actually, besides the iPhone ads in the windows all of the Phonehouse, O2 and Carphone Warehouse stores looked like nothing was about to happen. The Apple Store did have a waiting crowd though, about 15 people willing to fight the cold to be the first Brits to own a legal iPhone.

What’s up? Where’s the Jesus Phone fever? Didn’t the hype make it over the Atlantic? Did all the early-adopters get their units from elsewhere?

I wonder how it’ll look like when it launches in Sweden…

Dial-a-phone: iPhone Crowds? Don’t believe the hype!

(Thanks Patrick!)

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