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Nixon Watch “The Block SS”

Nixon The Block SS

The Block SS is another fine retro LCD watch from Nixon, encased in stainless steel and featuring custom LCD digits, date, chrono, timer, alarm and backlight. The band is made in stainless steel and polycarbonate and it’s available in either metal/black or plain metal.

Nixon: The Block SS ($120.00)

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Posted by TG July 4th 2007 | 7 comments » | Permalink

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  • Ron


  • Lohness


  • nate d

    sweet watch but hard to figure out

  • Will

    Awesome watch, I’ve got the 2009 version with red LCD and gun metal colour surround and strap

  • Anthony

    Is there a backlight on the watch? I can never read it at night.

  • michael

    my watch chime doesn’t seem to work but the display says it is on. Is there another way to turn on the chime so my alarm will go off?

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