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Nixon The Trooper 3 Button Headphones

Here’s The Trooper 3 Button, a pair of really good looking headphones by Nixon, makers of awesome watches – among other things. The 3 button model comes with a mic and volume buttons, but there’s a cheaper model without them as well. It doesn’t really show on the pictures, but there’s a big ring on the side of one of the earpieces you can turn to adjust the volume. The band is foldable for easy storage as well.

Another feature worth mentioning is the fact that you can disconnect the cord from the earpiece, so if it would break you can always exchange it, or just be able to store it more safely in a bag.

The Trooper 3 Button is available in white and matte black and you can find it for about $50 on Amazon ($60 on Nixon’s site) Headphones (From $60.00)
Amazon: Nixon The Trooper (From $50.00)

Posted by TG January 14th 2011 | 4 comments » | Permalink

  • Not that literally shiny but it’s truly appealing.
    The matte finish makes it very sleek yet easy to use.

  • I love Nixon (got one of there watches) and these look really cool.

  • Mott117

    I’m a big fan of Nixon. The matte is an unexpected touch. Cool. Maybe they’ll show up in a review on my blog soon at:

  • dfresh181

    what is teh sound quality like for these headphones like is there alot of bass

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