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Nikko R2D2 DVD/iPod Projector

Nikko R2D2 Home DVD iPod Projector

Nikko will launch a limited edition (1000 units) of their R2D2 Home DVD / iPod Projector. As far as media goes you can either slide a DVD right into it, put your iPod in the internal iPod dock or plug in your USB Flash Drive, but for the real Star Wars fans there’s an even niftier feature: the Millenium Falcon Remote Control. It’ll let you control artoo and have him turn, move forward/backwards and tilt, letting you project your movies whever you want without getting up from the couch.

Projector specs: Integrated 20W speakers, 1,800:1 contrast, 1,500 lumen brightness, 1,024 x 768 pixels resolution, up to 80 inches vertical display.

(And yeah, it does feature the classic R2D2 sound effects) (About $3,160)

(Via ProductReviews)

Posted by TG June 30th 2007 | 2 comments » | Permalink

  • Finn

    The coolest thinge ever! And im not even a starwars fan!

  • Skono

    Finn don’t use those smileys so much or you will grow up looking like one.

    That projector looks awesome anyways.

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