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MyPetFat helps you lose weight, eww..


If the sight of the anatomically correct body fat replica above grosses you out then it does exactly what its inventors intended. The company behind MyPetFat thinks that if you carry a chunk of it with you at all times it will function as a constant reminder of what happens if you eat that extra cookie on the coffee break (and you’ll be known among your colleagues as the one carrying human body fat in a jar, that’ll probably end all invites to after-work beers). They’re available in different sizes (from 1oz to 5lbs) and costs from $14.95 to $149.95.

If you’re thinking about buying 5 lbs of fake fat for $149.95 I’d seriously ask you to consider spending the money on a pair of comfortable walking shoes instead. Really.

(Via Notcot)

Posted by TG April 15th 2007 | Leave a comment » | Permalink

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