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Microsoft Silverlight takes on Flash


Microsoft just announced their new browser plug-in Silverlight (formerly known as WPF/E to developers) in Las vegas. This plug-in is obviously designed to compete with Flash in the areas of video, interactivity, animation and other rich media experiences on the web but this puppy is High Definition-ready right from the start.

Also, the plug-in won’t be exclusive to Windows and Internet Explorer, it’ll be available for Safari (Mac) and Firefox as well. Silverlight Big names back Microsoft’s Silverlight browser plug-in

Update: So what does the Adobe CEO think of Microsoft Silverlight?

“Even though they say Silverlight is going to be cross-platform, and maybe the first [version] will be, I’m not sure our customers or the people that are trying to deliver that content will have the degree of confidence that if they go with Microsoft, they’ll be able to provide them with a complete cross-platform solution forever,” he said.

(Via On10)

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  • Boom

    I wonder if this is why my Vista didn’t come with Macromedia (Adobe) Flash installed by default, I thought it did before with XP?

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