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Luna, stylish iPod alarm / stereo dock

XtremeMac Luna

There’s quite a few iPod docks out there and while many of them fail to interest me XtremeMac’s Luna didn’t. It’s not particularly new (been around for a couple of months) but who cares, it’s a stylish white-on-black dock compatible with most iPods (from Nano to Video) which features 2x full-range speakers powered by a two-channel amp, AM/FM radio, a remote control, aux-in jack for external audio, a display with adjustable brightness (with menus that resemble the iPod’s), gradually increasing or decreasing volume options for waking up / going to sleep and a customizable snooze-length.

The metal rings on the top is actually controllers for bass, treble, radio and volume. XtremeMac Luna Alarm Clock Audio System (currently $126.94) Luna product page

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