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Linux friendly OGG/FLAC/MP3-player

TrekStor Vibez is a Mac-, Windows- and Linux-friendly MP3-player available in 8 and 12 GB models (as well as black or silver). Along with the usual MP3 playing capabilities it plays WMA, WAV and (here’s the nice part) OGG and FLAC. Both M3U and WMP playlists are supported and while the modest 176×132 screen isn’t all that impressive it has features like gapless playback and Sennheiser phones included in the box. Sweet!

Amazon: TrekStor Vibez 12GB ($199)
Amazon: TrekStor Vibez 8GB ($169) Vibez (product page)

Posted by TG March 9th 2007 | 1 comment » | Permalink

  • Jim

    Just got one!

    My first point is that it really is a Window$ machine, as the firmware upgrades are only available as *.EXE files!

    More as I get it cranking.

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