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Life-size, limited edition Yoda bust


Just like the TIE fighter computer speakers this product might also have the effect of keeping you from scoring if you manage to get your date back to your apartment – but hey, wouldn’t anyone want to sacrifice that for a life size, limited edition Yoda bust?

“The life-size Yoda bust captures the wise Jedi Master in a serene moment, resting one hand atop the other as he contemplates the Force. Sculptor Howard Senft has invested all of the spirit and magic of the original Empire Strikes Back puppet into this life-size bust, expertly reproducing every wrinkle in his brow, every crease around his eyes, and ears so real that you’ll expect them to twitch at any moment.”

This Yoda bust features a fabric reproduction of the original costume, real hair and measures 20" x 15" x 11".

Hurry up and get one before all those 390.000 brits who entered “Jedi” as their religion hears about them. Life-Size Yoda Limited Edition Bust ($549.99)

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