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LaCie XtremKey USB Flash Drive

If you’re – for some reason – tired of USB flash drives to weak to handle a serious beating you should check out LaCie XtremKey, a premium flash memory secured inside 2mm metal pipe casing tolerating 5 meter drops and temperatures from -50°C to +200°C. Also, it’s sealed with wear-resistant screw threads and a rubber O-ring, making it watertight down to 100 meters. The metal casing is constructed with zamac, a metal alloy composed of zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper which LaCie claims is so strong it can withstand the pressure of a 10-ton truck.

The XtremKey will be available in capacities from 8 to 64GB and will be available from the LaCie Online Store (starting at $49.99) from August.


Posted by TG July 14th 2010 | 2 comments » | Permalink

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