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LaCie 2 TeraByte Ethernet Big Disk

LaCie 2TB Ethernet Big Disk

LaCie 2TB Ethernet Big Disk is, despite the name, actually quite small. Hook this up on your network and you’ll have 2 whopping terabytes of storage (about 2000 gigabytes) for all your P2P and torrent document backup needs. There’s a way cheaper 1TB model available as well, but that would never be enough now, would it?

Other than the impressive storage capabilities it’s fully Windows, Mac and Linux compatible and can stream multimedia content to UPnP-compatible devices.

(Man, I remember saving money an entire summer to buy a 300 MB HDD once) Ethernet Big Disk 2TB ($1,099) Ethernet Big Disk 1TB ($399)

Posted by TG June 4th 2007 | Leave a comment » | Permalink

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