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Keyboard with iPod dock from Razer

Razer Pro|Type

While there’s rumors spreading that Apple is about to do something similar Razer Pro|Typeâ„¢ Keyboard is the world’s first keyboard with an integrated iPod dock to synchronize and charge your favourite MP3-player.

Besides the dock and an otherwise stylish appearance it also features 10 configurable keyboard profiles, gold-plated USB-connector, 10 programmable keys (profile switching, application launchers etc), iTunes-keys (well, multimedia keys), ability to automatically swap keyboard profiles depending on which application you’re using, audio line-out and 2 USB ports for other gadgets.

Oh, and there seems to be a Zune version available as well. Razer Pro|Type™ Keyboard

Posted by TG March 15th 2007 | 3 comments » | Permalink

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  • Jens

    this keyboard is bigger than my computer. why don’t you just connect an external dock to the USB of the ultra slim Apple keyboard instead of buying such a big piece of plastic with a hole in it to put your ipod in?
    did you really wrote they have beaten apple? in what? bad design? useless features?

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