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iRiver T50: Promising low-end DAP

iriver t50

If you can’t (or don’t want to) spend money on a more expensive gadget to handle your music needs the iRiver T50 might just be something for you. For $85 you get a small player that runs on a single AAA battery (which gives you a whopping 52 hours of playback), has 1 GB of Flash storage and plays MP3, WMA, DRM:ed WMA and OGG.

The minimal 1" LCD screen handles 65,000 colors and even though it’s capable of showing slideshows of BMP images it’s probably not something I’d recommend (prepare to squint).

The release date is set to April 14th.

(Via Anything But iPod)

Posted by TG March 25th 2007 | Leave a comment » | Permalink

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