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iPhone opened and dissected

iPhoned dissected

Oh yeah, it was just a matter of time, wasn’t it? The guys over at AnandTech has already opened up their $600 iPhone and dissected it, making sure to photograph every delicate piece removed of course.

Warning: Doing something like this might eventually cause Apple not to refund your phone. Everyone can’t be as lucky as the guy who – after not even owning his iPhone for 24 hours – dropped his iPhone and broke its screen (yeah, Apple gave him a new one).

AnandTech: Apple’s iPhone Dissected

Posted by TG July 3rd 2007 | 2 comments » | Permalink

  • Nitzer

    Die little iPhone, die! :) (If I don’t have one, I’m glad that the ones who do dissect theirs. No envy here, I promise…)

  • Impetuous

    Why would you have hate for a product if you have no envy? I mean what’s all the agression about? Do you really have a feeling of hate for a product just because? What did the iPhone do to you? LOL

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