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iPhone causes OS X Leopard delay

Those of us waiting for Mac OS X Leopard (10.5) will just have to wait a little longer. Apple says they’re sorry but they had to borrow some of the great minds working at the software engineering and QA departments to finish iPhone in time. The new launch date for Leopard is now October 2007.

They will however hand out near final beta copies to those attending the WWDC conference in June.

iPhone has already passed several of its required certification tests and is on schedule to ship in late June as planned. We can’t wait until customers get their hands (and fingers) on it and experience what a revolutionary and magical product it is. However, iPhone contains the most sophisticated software ever shipped on a mobile device, and finishing it on time has not come without a price.

My sixth sense tells me to bet on “2007/10/5” as the actual release date…


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