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Indy-Cator: Shiftknobs with LCD

Indy-cator Shift Knob

There’s shiftknobs and then there’s shiftknobs like the Indy-Cator. It’s available with LCD-displays in either red or blue and designed to fit all cars with manual transmissions up to 6 speed. To top it off a built-in light sensor adapts the brightness of the display depending on how dark it gets. Indy-Cator Shiftknobs ($169.00)

Posted by TG April 27th 2007 | 2 comments » | Permalink

  • Mathias

    Crappy shit, I don’t see a N2O button ;-)

  • Tobbe | Freshpilot

    Haha, true. Might be there in Indy-Cator v2.0.. :)

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