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iFireplace: When iPodizing goes too far

Okay, this product isn’t really named iFireplace, it’s called “FRP4300 Fireplace” but the name could just as well have been iFireplace since the only thing that differs this thing from the rest is that it comes with an integrated iPod dock along with a bunch of flat speakers. Sheesh.

I know there’s plenty of one-hit-wonders out there eager to find crappy, expensive stuff to blow their soon-to-be-gone money on so they can show it off on MTV Cribs (“and here’s my fridge, ‘cuz you gotta stay hydrated, you know what I mean… and here’s my iPod integrated fireplace…”) but really, haven’t the whole iPodizing business gone a bit too far?

Anyone who consider buying this should perhaps consider spending the money on an economic advisor instead. Just a thought. FRP4300 Fireplace

(Via Gizmodo)

Posted by TG April 3rd 2007 | Leave a comment » | Permalink

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