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iAxe – the USB-connected guitar

iAxe USB Guitar

The iAxe 393 might look like any old Fender Stratocaster clone to you, but flip it over and you’ll see what separates this one from the bunch; connectors for USB and headphones. This means that you can plug your guitar into your computer using the USB-port and your headphones straight into your guitar. Your computer will then act as a virtual amp and modify the sound as you find fit (distortion, delay, flanger etc) and makes it easy to record your various Smoke on the water-interpretations.

As for the quality of the guitar itself.. well, you get what you pay for and this one costs $193. But it does have a whammy bar. iAxe USB Guitar ($193.10)

Posted by TG March 11th 2007 | Leave a comment » | Permalink

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