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HP Blackbird 002 Gaming PC

HP Blackbird 002 Gaming PC

HP bought Voodoo PC to compete with Dell / Alienware and here’s the first product: Blackbird 002, a rig designed and built for serious gamers. Besides the serious-lookin’ aluminum exterior you get liquid cooling, internal and external LED-lights, open and overclocking-friendly BIOS and a bunch of different hardware options. Expect a price tag between 2,500 and 6,500 USD.

So, compared to Dell XPS 720 H2C, who’s the winner? Blackbird 002 Product Site Blackbird 002 Tech Specs

(Via Acquiremag)

Posted by TG September 6th 2007 | 4 comments » | Permalink

  • Jim3

    Good looking, but Dell wins. Alienware > Voodoo.

  • Koopa

    Looks surprisingly good for a HP if you ask me

  • D.A.T.A

    Looks like there actually exists a couple of decent looking PCs after all

  • Dell is my winner bute hp look nice.

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