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Hitachi Blu-Ray Camcorders

Hitachi Blu Ray Camcorder

Hitachi will launch the world’s first Blu-ray camcorders in Japan this August. They’re dubbed DZ-BD7H and DZ-BD70 and they’re both capable of recording one full hour of sweet, high-def footage (mmm… 1920×1080…) directly to Blu-ray discs for later viewing using any compatible Blu-ray player.


“Both camcorders also feature a 5.3M CMOS sensor with an effective 2.07M for video and 4.32M for stills. You would also get a 10x optical zoom(electronically stabilized) and 2.7-inch widescreen LCD on the Hitachi DZ-BD70 and DZ-BD7H.”

Tech specs @ Fosfor Gadgets

(Via Aving, Fosfor Gadgets)

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