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HiPe in-car PC runs Windows Vista

Drive-N Car PC

HiPe PC just announced their new Driv-N in-dash PCs. While some similar devices lack the binary horsepowers to do anything more than plain movie watching and music listening the Driv-N is fast enough to run Windows Vista Home Premium (if that bold move resulted in the machine feeling slow again is yet to be seen).

Anyway, depending on the model you get a touchscreen display ranging from 6.5" to 15" in size, speech recognition software (which apparently doesn’t need the tedious voice training), Bluetooth connectivity, GPS, rear-view camera support, optional Wi-Fi transmitter, voice feedback, XM-radio and much more.

If you want one you’ll have to give up between $799 to $1,589 depending on the power you want packed into the box. Driv-N Car PC

(Via Electronista)

Posted by TG April 24th 2007 | 3 comments » | Permalink

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