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Griffin’s Threadless iPhone Cases

Griffin Threadless iPhone Case

Griffin has presented a couple of new super-slim (less than 1mm thick), protective, snap-on iPhone 3G cases designed by Threadless. The two available cases are Birds of a Feather (designed by Ross Zietz) and Clouds Within The Thunder (designed by Joe Van Wetering).

Both cases are limited edition and sells for $34.99.

Griffin Threadless iPhone Case

Posted by TG November 19th 2009 | 10 comments » | Permalink

  • this is so stylish!.. and elegant also ! :) thanks for the writing. i also have a great link of iPhone cases… it’s … best of luck.

  • This is really a good way to protect your iPhone from dust and damage.Griffin has really helped us a lot by providing us these cases which are looking great.

  • Griffin… good work thanks alot……….

  • That’s a nice table

  • They both seem a bit “girlie” to me.

  • Great article with excellent stuff..
    Keep Your Good Work Going..

  • I like the one with the feather on the back. And I really don’t like the combo of the Iphone colours with yellow, it’s not pretty.

  • I’ve been looking for something that keeps the form factor of the iphone and doesn’t bulk it up like most cases. I’ve always gone with just the phone and no protection. Has anyone used these cases? How to they compare to something that is just a clear film like Zagg?


  • wow skin is really perfect…..thnnxx

  • leenajessy

    Nice Designs And fantastic Look.And these Cases are Pretty Awesome.Great Share

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