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Get your very own Office Space kit

Having seen the cult-classic Office Space is pretty much mandatory for anyone who’s ever worked in IT and/or a cubicle environment. The movie is just pure genius, Bill Lundbergh says so, mmmkay.

So, ThinkGeek is selling the Office Space Kit for anyone who wants to decorate his/hers cubicle in the best of ways. The kit consists of a red stapler, an Initech mug, “Is this good for the company?”-sign, starter “flair”, “PC Load Letter” sticker for your copy machine, a “Jump to conclusions” mat, a 32 page book and – of course – TPS-report coversheets.

A word of warning though, the included red stapler is a miniature. A real Swingline is available for $14.99.

ThinkGeek: Office Space Kit ($12.99) Office Space Kit ($10.17) Office Space Widescreen DVD ($11.49)

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