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Get your own April Fools Wii-Helmet

Wii Helmet

Is all that Wii-playing tearing on your arms? Why not do the sensible thing and invest in ThinkGeek’s Wii helmet? For just $24.99 you get a helmet plus footpedals to make sure your arms are completely at rest during game play. Make sure you hurry up and order one, this offer is only available today (which is April 1st, hint hint).

“Rabid fanboys everywhere are now flailing their arms in delight as they wield the Wiimote as a tennis racket, baseball bat or sword. Problem is the average gaming geek is just not up to the strenuous task of vigorous arm movement for longer than 10 minutes. This makes those extended play sessions a thing of the past… and who wants to beef up at the gym just to play video games on your couch? We sure don’t.”

ThinkGeek: The ThinkGeek WiiHelm ($24.99)

Watch a video of it in action after the jump:


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