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Frends Headphones

Frends Headphones

Tired of wearing the same white earbuds as everyone else? Frends, a group of friends that started out as a snowboard crew that expanded to a company, has launched a collection of headphones with a whole lot more unique style to them, dubbed the Classic, Alli, Coupe and Clip. It’s not all the available colors shown below so head over to their website to check them all out. Besides the colors I’m a big fan of the fabric cord to alleviate tangle, small detail that makes a difference.

There’s no word on pricing yet though.

Frends: Product overview

The Classic:
Frends Headphones: The Classic

The Alli:
Frends Headphones: The Alli

The Coupe:
Frends Headphones: The Coupe

The Clip:
Frends Headphones: The Clip

(via coolhunting)

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