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Fatboy: Absolutely huge pillow


Remember those beanbags everyone had back in the eighties? Well, the Finnish designer Jukka Setälä has re-designed it and calls it Fatboy. Buy one, feel small and comfy.

The Fatboys are available in red, orange, lime green, black, pink, brown, sand, camouflage, blue, dark grey and.. well, just about every color out there. Fatboy (£135.32, about $270.191 USD)

Posted by TG August 14th 2007 | 2 comments » | Permalink

  • magnus

    this is sooo old news!I looked at one about 4 years ago

  • Tobbe | Freshpilot

    Oh yes, I know. Setälä designed the original Fatboy back in 1998, but I still find it cool and well worth a post. After all, good design is timeless, right?

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