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Actual F-4 Ejection Seat Desk Chair

F-4 Ejection Seat Office Desk Chair

Seriously, can you find a more suitable desk chair for hardcore flight simulation sessions than this; the F-4 Ejection Chair, made from the bucket seat of a real F-4 Phantom II jet fighter.

“Break the sound barrier without ever leaving your office with the F-4 Ejection Seat. Our low riding F-4 chair has a custom fabricated aluminum base that is powder coated wrinkle black, with double wheel casters. The seat bucket is designed with either a racing red upholstery or your favorite color to match your décor. The authentic F-4 bucket seat has been left in original condition to reflect this Vietnam era bird.”

If the F-4 seat isn’t enough for you there’s a B-52 ejection seat and C-130 navigator chair as well. Now, these chairs are hand-made and you have to contact Motoart for a price inquiry, so let’s just assume they’re really, really expensive.


F-4 Ejection Seat Office Desk Chair
F-4 Ejection Seat Office Desk Chair

(via technabob)

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  • Greetings FreshPilot!

    Glad you like our F-4 ejection chair! We think it’s a fun way to help your boring office meetings take flight. A lot of hard work goes into every piece we make, so it’s nice to see you guys appreciate it! If you liked our chairs you should keep an eye on our site, to see what is taking flight next!

    Best Regards,
    The Crew at MotoArt

  • Awesome Chair. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

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