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Electric, cartoon-ish one-person car

If you’re looking for a vehicle that’ll turn heads and/or help you express your inner, environment-conscious and lone-riding cartoon character I’d advise you to check out The Electric One-Person Car. Slightly different design to say the least.

For $25,000 you get a ride that definitely won’t blend in with your neighborhood’s Fords and Volvos. It’s powered by a 156-volt DC electric motor generating 33 horsepower, the top speed is 70 mph (0-60 mph in 13 seconds). Just plug it into a standard 110-volt outlet and it’ll take 6 hours to recharge fully and each charge gives you 30 miles on the road (a 220-volt outlet recharges the battery in one hour though).

If you don’t like the banana-yellow pictured above it’s available in red, teal, orange, blue, purple, magenta, white, coral, dark aqua, green, lime green, lilac and aqua as well.

(The Tesla Roadster might be a better choice if you’re looking for a 100% electric sports car that does 0-60 in 4 seconds while looking strikingly good) The Electric One-Person Car ($25,000)

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