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Domo-kun Mimoco USB Flash Drives

Domo-kun Mimoco USB Flash Drives

While many of us in the West probably think of the “Everytime you masturbate God kills a kitten” pic when we see the brown, furry Domo-kun he’s actually the long-time mascot of the Japanese tv-channel NHK.

Mimoco (of Star Wars thumb drive fame, among other things) will launch a collection of Domo-kun Flash drives to celebrate the upcoming Domo-kun show on Nicktoons Network.

The Flash drives will cost between $50 and $110 depending on storage (1 to 4GB) and will be available in November. NHK’s official Domo-kun website

Still not convinced of Domo-kun’s awesomeness? Check out this music video:


(Via Geeksugar)

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