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Does This Palm Pre Ad Look Familiar?

Granted, showing your device fixed up close with hands and fingers walking you through the features, all against a bright white background might just be the most logical way to show what your device got, but Bell’s new ad for Palm Pre does feel a bit inspired by Apple’s iPod / iPhone ads, doesn’t it? Just a tiny bit? Anyway, the device and interface still looks good.

(via tuaw)

Posted by TG August 21st 2009 | 3 comments » | Permalink

  • So it does. Cheers for sharing.

  • Hmmm, I guess if you can’t beat them, copy them. That’s the motto Bell and Palm seem to be taking on this one. This commercial is much better, showing the actual features of the device rather than that crap with that scary girl.

  • Hmm, testing testing.

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