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DICE iTPA-220 iPod Tube Amplifier

DICE iPod Tube Amplifier iTPA-220

Here’s Dice Electronics’ iTPA-220 iPod Tube Amplifier and as long as your music isn’t compressed to death it promises great, warm and analog “audiophile quality sound” using the built-in dual 6N3 tubes and 2×20 Watt solid state amplifier. The speakers sport a 4" mid/bass driver and 1" dome tweeter.

Other features include a remote control, video output (for video iPods) and auxiliary input for any other audio emitting device you’d like to hook up.

“The dual 6N3 tubes in the preamplifier gives the listener the warmest sound and the clearest highs ever heard from an iPod docking station. The “warmth” and “richness” typically associated with “valve sound” comes from the presence of 2nd order distortion smoothing the output soundwave. The tube preamplifier creates a more natural sound as opposed to the often harsh, dry sound of digital audio.”

The iTPA-220 is available on pre-order for $299.99 and is expected to start shipping in September. iTPA-220 Tube Amplifier System ($299.99)

(Via Fosfor Gadgets)

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