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Actual F-4 Ejection Seat Desk Chair

F-4 Ejection Seat Office Desk Chair

Seriously, can you find a more suitable desk chair for hardcore flight simulation sessions than this; the F-4 Ejection Chair, made from the bucket seat of a real F-4 Phantom II jet fighter.

“Break the sound barrier without ever leaving your office with the F-4 Ejection Seat. Our low riding F-4 chair has a custom fabricated aluminum base that is powder coated wrinkle black, with double wheel casters. The seat bucket is designed with either a racing red upholstery or your favorite color to match your décor. The authentic F-4 bucket seat has been left in original condition to reflect this Vietnam era bird.”

If the F-4 seat isn’t enough for you there’s a B-52 ejection seat and C-130 navigator chair as well. Now, these chairs are hand-made and you have to contact Motoart for a price inquiry, so let’s just assume they’re really, really expensive.


F-4 Ejection Seat Office Desk Chair
F-4 Ejection Seat Office Desk Chair

(via technabob)

Posted by TG July 2nd 2009 | Link to this post

Sorry, no more Freshpilot

I tried to keep this blog updated when I got back from my vacation but I’ve come to the sad conclusion that there’s no way I can keep this up the way I want to and do my regular 9-5 job without one affecting the other negatively. Freshpilot will just have to be put on ice. Again.

I’m very sorry for those of you who patiently waited for my return, but there’s so many other (and better) places to get your daily dose of gadgets and stylish stuff. Try!), NOTCOT, GeekAlerts, Productdose, Acquire, Fosfor Gadgets and OhGizmo for starters.

Once again, sorry.
// Tobbe

Posted by TG June 17th 2008 | Link to this post

Ladybug iPod Speaker Dock

Vestalife Ladybug iPod Speaker Dock

Vestalife will launch the Ladybug iPod / iPhone Speaker Dock at CES International in Las Vegas in January 2008 (it won the CES Innovation Design and Engineering Award you know). This amplified speaker system sports stereo speakers, a subwoofer, LED volume level indicators, a USB port for synchronization and a remote control – I guess I don’t have to mention that it looks like a ladybug, do I? Ladybug iPod Dock

(Via Prylfeber)

Posted by TG November 24th 2007 | Link to this post

Ultrasonic Desktop Humidifying Mister

SpaMist Ultrasonic Desktop Humidifying Mister

If you’re not blessed with a pair of hyperactive green thumbs you can always remedy dry air with something like the SpaMist Ultrasonic Desktop Humidifying Mister. Besides the mist magic (and the small size) it’s gifted with a six-color changing LED display, allowing you to use it as a night light as well.

QVC: SpaMist Ultrasonic Humidifying Mister ($19.33)

Posted by TG September 5th 2007 | Link to this post

Philippe Starck’s Bedside Gun Lamp

Philippe Starck Bedside Gun Lamp

Here’s the Bedside Gun Lamp made in 18K gold plated aluminum, designed by Philippe Starck (the guy behind the stylish Fossil/Starck Cross Digi Watches, among other things). It’s available in matte black as well, but according to Starck there’s a deeper meaning behind this than just pleasing gun aficionados:

“The gold of the weapons represents the collision between money and war. The black shade signifies death. The crosses on the inside are to remind us of our dead ones.”

Hive: Bedside Gun Lamp ($796.00)

(Via RedFerret)

Posted by TG June 7th 2007 | Link to this post

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