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Wizpy: A Versatile Linux Device

Turbolinux Wizpy Linux Device

Here’s the Wizpy by Turbolinux. A versatile little Linux powered thing with a 1.7" OLED screen and 4 GB of storage that can do pretty much anything. Web, RSS, E-mail, VoIP, photos, play and record videos, radio and e-books, music (ogg, mp3, aac) etc.

The Wizpy was launched in February 2007 in Japan but now it’s available globally. Wizpy (White, $290.00)

Posted by TG December 3rd 2007 | Link to this post

Nokia N810 Internet Tablet

Nokia N810 Internet Tablet

Nokia announced the Maemo Linux-powered N810 Internet Tablet today, the newest addition to their Nseries range. Just find a Wi-Fi spot (or Bluetooth using your cell phone) and this pocket-sized device will allow you to use VoIP (Mmm.. Skype), watch YouTube videos, update your blog or whatever Internet related things you like to do while not in front of your computer.

It sports a slide-out keyboard and a 4.13" 800×480 touch screen as well as a GPS receiver (with built-in maps and satellite navigation and Wayfinder voice-guided navigation) and support for up to 10GB memory cards for off-line media.

Unlike some companies (*cough* Apple *cough*) Nokia is encouraging 3rd party open source developers to explore and expand the N810’s possibilities and also announced the launch of maemo platform support services for software developers and companies.

The N810 is expected to start shipping mid November with an estimated retail price of 479 USD.

Read on for more pictures:

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Posted by TG October 18th 2007 | Link to this post

Zonbu: Eco-friendly, tiny computer


The Zonbu is something of a new take on home computing. The actual device is small, silent, Linux-based (KDE) and eco-friendly and instead of a regular hard drive it features 4 GB of Flash based storage.

The grand thought behind the Zonbu is to sign up for a subscription ranging from Zonbu lite ($12.95/month) to Zonbu premium ($19.95/month) for on-line storage space at their ‘disaster-proof’ servers ranging from 25 to 100 GB as well as automatic backups, application and OS maintenance, free upgrades, free device replacement and unlimited online support.

My take: Personally I’d love to see more mini computers running Linux on the market (both the GNOME and KDE desktop environments are quite mature nowadays) but please, give me local storage.

(Via Redferret)

Posted by TG May 29th 2007 | Link to this post

Neuros OSD Media Center

Neuros OSD Media Center

The stylish Neuros OSD Media Center lets you record, play, share and stream your audio and video between the rest of your media devices. Just hook up your TV, stereo, iPod, PSP, VCR, DVD, camcorder, Internet-connected PC, smartphone or USB-device and let the open source and Linux-based OSD do what it does best.

The benefit of having it open sourced is that the community of users who actually knows how to code can develop tweaks and new features and help evolve the device so the rest of us can just sit back and download new and free firmware upgrades now and then. OSD Media Center

Amazon: Neuros OSD Media Center ($299.00)

(Via Productdose)

Posted by TG May 3rd 2007 | Link to this post

Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0 is here

Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0

Version 2.0 of the free e-mail client Mozilla Thunderbird is now available to the general public.

As usual it’s available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and the new features include:

  • Advanced folder views (different ways of organizing and display your folders)
  • Message tagging (tags that can be combined with saved searches)
  • Message history navigation
  • Improved search (including a quick search that starts searching as you type)
  • Saved searches
  • Improved “You’ve-got-mail!”-alerts
  • Phishing protection and improved privacy features
  • Easy access to popular web mail services (Gmail, .Mac etc)

… and much more. Read more about the new features here. Download Thunderbird

Posted by TG April 19th 2007 | Link to this post

Adobe (Flash video) Media Player


Adobe presented the Adobe Media Player (formerly code-named “Philo”) at the NAB 2007 conference in Las Vegas today – a desktop media player designed to stream, download, manage, queue and play Flash video. This application skips the whole idea of storing the media locally and uses RSS and other feeds to help you find on-line media to watch or subscribe to (no more pesky web browsers between you and the media). If you want to you’ll still be able to store some media locally for later off-line watching as well.

Adobe Media Player will be available for both Windows and Mac with support for Linux to follow.

Adobe Labs: Media Player

Posted by TG April 17th 2007 | Link to this post

Quick bookmark jumping in Opera 9.2

Opera 9.2

The Windows, Linux, Mac, cell-phone and Wii-running web browser Opera has been updated to version 9.2 and one of the new features in this version (except that it’s now available in 31 languages) is the Speed Dial function.

When you open a new tab you’re presented with nine empty slots instead of the usual blank page. In these slots you can put quick-links (along with automatic thumbnails) to the websites you visit the most. Later you can either click on the thumbnails to navigate or just press ctrl/apple-1-9 to jump right away – it’s actually very usable as soon as you remember the numbers.

Posted by TG April 12th 2007 | Link to this post

IM-client Gaim is now known as Pidgin

The multi-protocol instant messaging client Gaim is from now on known as Pidgin after legal issues with AOL (the same company that made them switch names two times before as well).

If you wonder what a Pidgin is Wikipedia says:

“A pidgin, or contact language, is the name given to any language created, usually spontaneously, out of two or more languages as a means of communication between speakers of different tongues, and usually a simplified form of one of the languages. Pidgins have simplified grammars and few synonyms, serving as auxiliary contact languages. They are learned as second languages rather than natively.”

Gaim.. sorry, Pidgin, is a sweet piece of free software running on Linux, BSD, MacOS X and Windows which can connect to multiple AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, IRC, Jabber, Gadu-Gadu, SILC, Novell GroupWise Messenger, Lotus Sametime, and Zephyr accounts at the same time. Try it if you haven’t already – the 2.0 version will be released sometime this week.

Posted by TG April 10th 2007 | Link to this post

Novell releases two Get A Mac-spoofs

Novell has released two Get A Mac-spoofs hoping for viral spreading and promotion of Novell Linux. While some might expect the “Linux guy” to be someone looking like Richard Stallman they’ve decided to go down a different path (which probably helps the viral spreading more than a Stallman-look-a-like would).

See the videos after the jump:

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Posted by TG March 23rd 2007 | Link to this post

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