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Biegert & Funk Qlocktwo W

Biegert & Funk Qlocktwo W

The Qlocktwo W watch by Biegert & Funk tells the time with words that light up when you push a button on the face instead of numbers or hands. Who needs extremely exact time telling anyway?

The Qlocktwo W is available in English, German and French as well as in black, brushed and polished stainless steel – all sporting the black leather strap.

Product page

Can’t seem to find info on availability or price on the W, but the larger Qlocktwo wall clock ($1,100.00) and Qlocktwo table alarm clock ($590.00) is available.

Posted by TG February 1st 2013 | Link to this post

Pebble E-Paper Watch

Pebble E-paper Watch (iPhone / Android Friendly)

Here’s Pebble, a really cool Kickstarter project which managed to raise a whopping million bucks in just 28 hours. This E-paper watch can connect to your iPhone or Android phone using Bluetooth, letting you customize it in all kinds of ways with new watchfaces, notifications from your phone or apps. Available in jet black, arctic white and cherry red. (From $115)

Pebble E-paper Watch (iPhone / Android Friendly)

Pebble E-paper Watch (iPhone / Android Friendly)

Pebble E-paper Watch (iPhone / Android Friendly)

Posted by TG April 30th 2012 | Link to this post

Suunto Core Alu Outdoor Watch

Suunto Core Alu Watch

Looking for a stylish watch for outdoor life? The Suunto Core Alu comes packed with an altimeter, barometer (with storm alarm), compass, depth meter, dual time/date/alarm, countdown timer/stop watch, sunrise/sunset times and thermometer in a stylish aluminum case with a backlit display.

It’s available in a range of minimalistic styles, from all black to black/metal, black/green (alpine edition), deep black, pure white and blue crush.

Buy at: Amazon: Suunto Core (from $205)
Product page

Posted by TG April 26th 2012 | Link to this post

Nooka Zub 40 Watch

Nooka Zub 40 Watch

New York-based fashion design company Nooka has revamped their Zub Zoo watch, dubbing the new one Zub 40. The Zub 40 is available in black, red, white and charcoal/green and interchangeable bands in the same colors, allowing you to customize it a bit more. Simple and stylish. Anyone else getting a LEGO vibe?

Buy @ Nooka Zub Zoo 40 ($100)
Product page: Nooka

Posted by TG September 30th 2011 | Link to this post

Nixon Watch: “The Synapse”

Nixon Watch: "The Synapse"

Here’s a new watch from Nixon dubbed The Synapse. This 38x43mm stainless-steel timepiece with its unusual interface is water resistant and comes in black/silver, all black, gold and all gunmetal. The Synapse ($200.00 – $250.00)
BunkerOnline: Nixon The Synapse ($199.99 – $249.99)

Posted by TG May 11th 2011 | Link to this post

Fossil Meta Bluetooth Watches

Here’s Fossil Meta Watches, two Bluetooth-equipped timepieces available with both analog and digital faces. The analog one sports two 16×80 white OLED displays while the digital one has a 96×96 reflective display. The thing about these is that Fossil offers an SDK/API to allow programmers to change and customize the functionality and send data to them wirelessly. Might not be something for casual Joe but it’s a nice effort nevertheless.

Other features include accelerometer, 3ATM water resistance, ambient light sensor, rechargeable batteries and stainless steel cases with leather straps.


(via crunchgear)

Posted by TG May 5th 2011 | Link to this post

Vestal De Novo Watch

Vestal De Novo Watch

Vestal, makers of fat, rock n’ roll inspired timepieces, brings us De Novo – their first with day register and date window. Other than the heavy duty look it sports a large stainless steel band, two-pushed butterly clasp and chronograph.

Available in black/black, silver/black, matte black and gold/black. De Novo (From $300.00)
BUY: Watchismo: Vestal De Novo (From $199.00)
BUY: Vestal De Novo (From $182.00)

Vestal De Novo Watch

Posted by TG March 11th 2011 | Link to this post

Nixon The Magnacon SS Watch

Nixon The Magnacon SS Watch

I admit it, I really like Nixon watches: this is Nixon The Magnacon SS, a new, fat timepiece featuring a 6 hand Swiss made chronograph with day and date, custom 100 meter titanium carbide coated stainless steel case with scratch resistant sapphire crystal and a stainless steel band with double locking clasp.

Available for about $750 in All Gunmetal, All Black and White SR models. The Magnacon SS (Product page) Nixon Magnacon SS Watch ($750.00)

Want more Nixon watches? Check out earlier posts tagged Nixon.

Posted by TG March 9th 2011 | Link to this post

Griffin Slap: iPod Nano Bracelet

Griffin Technology has revived the old metal slap bracelet and wrapped it in soft silicone, creating a flexible steel band that is flat until you slap it on your wrist, adjusting itself to your wrist. Just put your iPod Nano in there and it’ll stay put and protect the dock connector and volume control while leaving the headphone port open.

Griffin Technology: Slap ($24.99)

Posted by TG November 18th 2010 | Link to this post

Nooka Zub Zayu Watch

Nooka just revealed the latest addition to their line of original timepieces, the Zub Zayu, featuring the largest display of the Zub models. “Sayu” is Japanese for “left and right” and this assymetrical watch can be worn on both left and right wrists. As with similar Nooka watches you read the time by counting the dots for the hours while the vertical bars shows minutes and seconds.

The Zub Zayu is available in four different colors: black, gray, yellow, purple/magenta and blue and besides regular time and date it has alarm, chronograph as well as a sleepmode to help conserve battery.

Link: Zub Zayu (Preorder, $175)

(via Nooka)

Posted by TG November 4th 2010 | Link to this post

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