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Project Squadt Vinyl Toys

Oh man, Project Squadt is a collaboration between Austin, Texas-based Ferg and ThreeZero brought to you by Jamungo and it consists of a limited edition (and amazing) set of aggressive little creatures standing 4″ to 6″ tall while featuring interchangeable masks, eyes and weapons. I want all of them guarding my office desk, too bad they’re all sold out in the official store right now.

Link: Project Squadt

Posted by TG March 17th 2011 | Link to this post

KAWS No Future Companion

KAWS + Hajime Sorayama: No Future Companion

This is “No Future Companion”; a fully poseable all-metal collectible toy created by KAWS / Hayime Sorayama. It took them three years(!) to design it (together with Medicom) and there’s only 500 made, so yeah, they’re sold out. Let’s hope they make more of ’em!

Update: There’s quite a few eBay auctions going on now, hurry over there if you want to grab one. Watch out for cheap fakes though.

KAWS + Hajime Sorayama: No Future Companion

KAWS + Hajime Sorayama: No Future Companion

(via omgposters)

Posted by TG June 29th 2009 | Link to this post

Want to win a free Mimobot?

Freshpilot's free Mimobot give-away

The people over at Mimoco just sent me three Mimobots to pass on to you readers. Now, these are the 1GB models (there’s 8GB models available now) but if you’re like me and 1) value appearance over storage capacity (well… sometimes) and 2) like free stuff in general then keep on reading.

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Posted by TG June 12th 2008 | Link to this post

Awesome DIY Munny Speakers

DIY Munny Speakers

Converting vinyl figures into speakers is something people like Jason Siu has done for a while, but I really like this home made Munny speaker by Flickr-user Fungus amungus.

There’s no word on what kind of speakers he put in these, but considering the look of ’em I hardly care. I just want them.

Update: I completely missed the link to the DIY guide on, the speakers in the Munnies are indeed Tang Band 3″ bamboo cone drivers. (Thanks Michael!)

(Via Make)

Posted by TG May 22nd 2008 | Link to this post

Beanbag Cellphone Chair

Beanbag Cellphone Chair

Cellphones (and PDA:s for that matter) work hard these days. Why not take this opportunity to show your little device that you do care. A 5,5" nylon shell beanbag chair with styrofoam beads ought to do it.

“Scientifically proven to be the most comfortable cellphone chair on the market. Ergonomically designed to eliminate pressure points that can bruise or cause extremities to go numb, this beanbag chair rests your cellphone in the most neutral position possible.”

ThinkGeek: Beanbag Cellphone Chair ($9.99)

Posted by TG December 6th 2007 | Link to this post

The Voice-Activated R2-D2

The Voice-Activated R2-D2

This motorized replica of R2-D2 stands 15" tall (about 38cm), responds to 40 different voice commands (like “Turn around!” and “Move forward!”) while being able to navigate rooms and hallways. It’s equipped with an infra-red sensor so he can play games like tag and find you, follow you around or just act as a guard and let you know whenever someone enters the room.

Besides being able to replay sounds from the Star Wars movies and answer yes/no questions it features a rotating top and distinct moods, just like the original. If he goes sad you just need to say “R2, behave yourself” to make him snap right out if it. Hopefully.

Hammacher-Schlemmer: Voice-Activated R2-D2 ($119.95)

Posted by TG November 22nd 2007 | Link to this post

Nintendo 5" Vinyl Figures

Nintendo / Mario Vinyl Action Figures

If the 8-bit polyester tie isn’t enough to show your co-workers where you heart is you ought to get a couple of these Nintendo Vinyl Figures for desk decoration. They stand approximately 5" tall and you get to pick between Classic Mario, Fire Mario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong and a vicious Goomba.

ThinkGeek: Nintendo Action Figures ($14.99 each)

(If you’re into the art of vinyl collectibles you really should check out The House of Liu figures, Andrew Bell’s Lotus Kanser figures, Frank Cho’s Monkey Boy and the Black Hole Stormtrooper Collectible though)

Posted by TG October 21st 2007 | Link to this post

Rubik’s Revolution: Cube Gone Digital

Rubik’s Revolution: Digital Cube

Here’s Rubik’s Cube 2007 – now all digital. This time it’s called Rubik’s Revolution and even though these cubes contain six built-in games with sound effects instead of just the classic, silent one I’ve got a feeling these won’t be seen at the annual Rubik’s Cube Championships any time soon…

Oh well, some classics might just be better off left alone, like the re-release of the original Slinky from 1945. Really. ($19.99)

Continue reading for a video of mad Cube skills from the 4th Rubik’s Cube World Championships.

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Posted by TG October 16th 2007 | Link to this post

The R/C Beverage Delivering Buggy

Remote Controlled Beverage Buggy

If there’s one feature you should be looking for while picking a new remote controlled car it’s the ability to carry not just one, but two cans of beer (or other types of canned beverages) while cruising the floor. Good thing the R/C Beverage Buggy does exactly that.

Hammacher-Schlemmer: Remote-Controlled Beverage Buggy ($49.95)

Posted by TG October 2nd 2007 | Link to this post

Miniature Table Football Game

Miniature Foosball Table

Regardless if you call this game table football, foosball or fussball it’s still just as fun. This Japanese website sells miniature ones (there’s a hockey model too) with folding legs for easy transportation. Miniature Table Football (1480 Yen, about 13 bucks)

Posted by TG October 1st 2007 | Link to this post

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