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Chris Bigham’s Bike Shelf

I really like Chris Bigham’s Bike Shelf, a solid walnut wood shelf suspended by a solid steel square rod mount able to hold both your bike and whatever else you want to put on top of it. Probably the most elegant wall mount bike storage solutions I’ve seen and I want one!


(via inspire me now)

Posted by TG September 26th 2010 | Link to this post

NES Game Hard Drives

The Etsy shop 8BitMemory offers external USB hard drives encased in classic NES and SNES games (Zelda, Super Mario Bros 1/2/3, Tetris, Metroid, Contra, you name it). Sweet nostalgia. The drives are 2.5" Toshiba models available with up to 1TB of storage and will set you back about $129.99. They’re limited edition and seem to be selling out fast though so hurry over there if you want one.

8BitMemory: NES Hard Drives

Posted by TG August 19th 2010 | Link to this post

The Analog Digital Message Tape

Digital Message Tape

Despite its digital appearance (and name), this tape is completely analog. Just tape whatever you need sealing and/or marking and use the included marker pen to draw over the lines in the characters and watch your digital message appear.

The digital message tape is available in both large (2" x 54 yds) and small rolls (.7" x 36 yds).

ThinkGeek: Digital Message Tape ($4.99 – $8.99)

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Posted by TG June 10th 2008 | Link to this post

The Plantarium Vial Garden Lab

Plantarium Single Vial Garden Lab

Here’s Globus Plantarium Single Vial Garden Lab – an easy way to add an organic touch to your cubicle. Stylish glass test tubes containing a non-toxic, transparent gel created in collaboration with NASA scientists. This nutritive, magic, space-age gel allows you to plant seeds and watch the plant grow both above and below the surface.

The glass tubes are 7 inches tall and as for seeds you get to pick between basil, melon, marigold, pepper, sunflower and tomato.

Brooklyn5and10: Plantarium Single Vial Garden Lab ($10.00)

Posted by TG December 19th 2007 | Link to this post

Mixa: Cassette Tape USB Flash Drives

Mixa: Cassette Tape USB Flash Drives

Make a Mixa is a pretty cool idea for anyone old enough to remember the good ol’ mix tape days. Select a blank cassette tape in white or black, upload the pictures you want to decorate it with (either from your harddrive or from web services like Flickr) and voilá – you’ve got yourself a custom and USB-enabled 1GB cassette tape ready to be filled with whatever you want (mp3’s, images, emo poetry…).

Also see:
» The Cassette Tape MP3 Player
» PlusDeckEX: External USB Tape Player
» Cassette tape belt buckle in 18K gold

Posted by TG November 1st 2007 | Link to this post

Hymini: Wind & Solar Charger

miniWIZ Hymini Solar and Wind Charger

This is Hymini by miniWIZ and it’s a handheld charger for portable electronic devices. Either put it in sunlight and let it gather solar energy or let the wind spin its fan to generate precious juice for your 5V-craving gadgets (iPods, MP3 players, digital cameras, cell phones, you name it).

If you need to speed up the process and use it as a spare battery you can quick charge it by plugging it into an outlet or an USB port as well.

The Hymini will be available sometime during fall 2007 (in white and black) and the estimated price is about $50.

Posted by TG October 15th 2007 | Link to this post

DIY NES Controller Phone

NES Phone

Who needs an iPhone when you can do like this guy and cram a Motorola SLVR into an old NES controller. Impressive indeed, but that hamburger hat of his tops pretty much anything.

“I don’t need an iPhone, but that hasn’t stopped me from spending the week tempted to go buy one. In order to bolster my resolve to have enough money for school, I opted instead to retrofit my existing cellular phone, a fourteen-month-old Motorola SLVR, with a new case, a twenty-one year-old NES controller.”

Jack of All Blades: iPhone Killer: My SLVR + an NES controller

Posted by TG July 10th 2007 | Link to this post

Gloo Man: Customize, print & fold

Gloo Man

The Gloo Man/Woman is pretty cool. Head over to the website, configure him/her with different hair styles, shirt prints and speech bubbles and just download your very own, customized PDF ready to fold and glue. Gloo Man

More foldable toys:
ReadyMech: Foldable Monsters, ToyPaper: Foldable Monsters, Fold your own TIE-fighter, How to fold your own alien-proof tin foil hat

(Via Notcot)

Posted by TG June 20th 2007 | Link to this post

The Black DIY Wall Clock

The DIY Wall Clock

The Do It Yourself Wall Clock is actually kit consisting of a bunch of self-adhesive 2.25" cubes along with the actual clock with 12.25" / 9.25" long hands. Just put the clock somewhere and shape the clock just the way you like it.

Conran Shop: Black Do It Yourself Wall Clock ($79.00)

(Via Acquiremag)

Posted by TG June 18th 2007 | Link to this post

Gameboy modded to PC running XP

Gameboy XP PC

If you had an old Gameboy you didn’t know what to do with, what would you do? You’d rip it apart and cram it with all the parts necessary for a fully functional PC running Windows XP of course. While the original display is MIA it does feature a VGA port for a monitor, two USB ports, one Ethernet port for happy networking and the A and B buttons has been gifted with LEDs indicating power and activity status.

Plastic Bamboo: Gameboy XP PC

(Via Kotaku)

Posted by TG May 9th 2007 | Link to this post

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