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Blinged-out Swiss Army Knife

Victorinox Bling Swiss Army Knife Multitool

Victorinox is celebrating 120 years of Swiss-army-knife-making with two uber-blinged models. The one sporting yellow gold, 430 flawless diamonds (4 carats) and tools with diamond engraved ornaments will set you back about 50 grand. The platinum model sports the same amount of diamonds but, well, platinum, so there’s 20 grand extra for ya.

But hey, you do get a classic multitool packing two blades, a nail file / cleaner, scissors, orange peeler, screwdriver, ring and tweezers for the money… well, somehow I have a hard time picturing someone actually buying one of these, but if you’re interested you’d better hurry up, there’s only 120 available of each. Victorinox Swiss Army Yellow Gold ($50,000.00) Victorinox Swiss Army Platinum ($70,000.00)

(Via Wired Gadgetlab)

Posted by TG August 15th 2007 | 2 comments » | Permalink

  • Jonz

    Eww. There’s things that can be blinged, and there’s things that just really shouldn’t…

  • Mowgli

    Haha, imagine 50 Cents wearing one of these.

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