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Bling your iPhone with Swarowski Crystals

Swarowski Crystal iPhone

Just got your hands on an iPhone and think it looks too much like everyone elses? In exchange for $295 Crystal Icing will decorate it with Swarowski crystals in a pattern of your choice (Paris Hilton did her Sidekick 3, that ought to count for how… awesome this service is).

I really love the Crystal Icing testimonials though:

“Just got my phone…I LOVE IT!!! It looks soooo awesome! My friends are gonna be so jealous!!! Thanks!”
~ Lyza W.

Oh well… There you go. Why am I even writing about this?

(Via New Launches)

Posted by TG July 4th 2007 | 3 comments » | Permalink

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  • Nitzer

    Oh yes. This could be posted under “How to ruin your iPhone”. :)

  • Amazing find! A truly original and inventive provider of customized crystallization in Europe is Bling My Thing. It’s a Berlin-based company, run by Japanese designer Ayano Kimura. They’ve only recently been joined by Kellie deFries, former chief designer of . They are now presenting their beautiful artwork to a global market, this is one company to watch. They’ve already helped launch the x-box and iPhone in Europe and have designed mobile phones for Paris Hilton and Bruce Willis.
    Look at these amazing results! –> ! Very original!

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