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Absolutely stunning iTunes visualizer

Magnetosphere iTunes Visualizer

I wrote about Barbarian Software’s Magnetosphere earlier and claimed that it was one of the most beautiful audio visualizations I’ve seen ever (see the original video here). Now (finally!) they’ve managed to convert it into a free, interactive and absolutely stunning Mac / Windows iTunes Visualizer.

Barbarian Software: Magnetosphere iTunes Visualizer (Mac, Windows)

Check out a video of it in action after the jump:


(Via Macfeber)

Posted by TG May 8th 2007 | 3 comments » | Permalink

  • Mark

    Absolutely stunning!! …song name please? :)

  • Tobbe | Freshpilot

    Yeah, it’s beautiful – isn’t it? According to Barbarian Group the song is called “Paper Tiger” by Helios.

  • andi

    it would be impressive if it ran well in fullscreen mode on a lower-end PC. When i was still using winamp, i made several AVS visualisations that were strangely similar to this. The only problem was the framerate when fullscreen.

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